12.- What certificates are issued and who issues them?

SGS (sgs.com) or an equivalent inspection company (Bureau Veritas, Cerper, Cesmec) issues the certificates. Some certificates are included as they are required by the exporting country. Others are available for a nominal fee. The following are common certificates and may or may not apply to all shipments or destinations.

(a) Certificate of Analysis and Quality – Analysis is done to verify Protein content, Nitrogen, Phosphorous, Potassium, Fat, Moisture, Sand and Salt.
(b) Certificate of Origin – Issued by Government agency to certify country of origin.
(c) Veterinary Certificate – Issued by Government agency in country of origin
(d) Health Certificate – Issued by Government agency in country of origin.
(e) Certificate – 100% made with fish.
(f) Free of Bovine, Porcine or Poultry Protein Certificate
(g) Weight Certificate
(h) Packing List Certificate
(i) Fumigation Certificate
(j) BSE Free (Mad Cow) Certificate
(k) Heavy Metals Certificate
(l) Non Radioactivity Certificate