Yellow Corn No. 2

For feed or human consumption – GMO / Non-GMO / Organic


Protein 9% min
Moisture 14 % max
Heat Damaged Kernels 0.5%
Total Damaged Kernels 3.5 %
Admixtures 2.5%
Aflatoxin Total 20 PPB
Husks No Husks
Test Weight 54 lbs./min/Bushel
Max Radiation None
Crop Last Harvest
No Rock, Gravel, Sand, or any particles that are harmful for human consumption.  

Quality and Quantity – Final at time and place of loading as per certificates issued by Independent Surveyor. Inspection cost for Seller’s account.

Optional: At his expense, buyer has the option to request for joint sampling.

Available: Bulk Vessel, Big Bags (1,000 Kg) and 50 Kg Bags

Origin: Brazil and Argentina


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