Non-GMO Soybeans No. 2 – Human Consumption or Animal Feed

Specifications (ANEC 42)

Oil Content Basis

18.5% (AOCS AC 3 – 44) With non-reciprocal allowance of 1% for each 1% fractions in proportion, in buyer’s favor for any deficiency.

Protein 42% min
Test Weight 54 Min (lbs./Bu)
Moisture 14% max
Foreign Matter Basis

1% Maximum 2% with non-reciprocal allowance of 1% for each 1% fractions in proportion

Damaged Bean Basis

Maximum 8.5% with non-reciprocal allowance 2:1 fraction in proportion, of which maximum 4% heat damaged and burned. (Maximum 1% burned) and 6 % moldy.

Broken Beans 30% max
Greenish Beans 8% max
Moisture 0.5%,   Damaged Beans 0.5% Heat Damaged 0.5%  and Foreign Matter 0.2%
Greenish Beans 0.5%, Burned 0.10 % and mouldy 0.5%

Free from poisonous seeds / husks but tolerance 1 particle of treated vegetable seeds with unknown level of toxicity for each 1 kg sample at each lot of 5,000 metric tons loaded and max 0.005% castor seed and/or castor seed husks.

Quality and Quantity – Final at time and place of loading as per certificates issued by Independent Surveyor. Inspection cost for Seller’s account.

Optional: At his expense, buyer has the option to request for joint sampling.

Types Available: GMO / Non-GMO and Organic Certified

Available in Bulk Vessel, Big Bags (1,000 Kg) and 50 Kg Bags

Origin: Brazil

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