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Best is to reach the appropiate Division at the following emails. Sales, Quotations and Shipments

  • Sigma Marine Products, Ltd.

    Commodities: Fishmeal, Fish oil and Fish Soluble.  info@sigmamarineproducts.com    

  • Sigma Organic Feed Division          

  •           Commodities: Soybeans, Yellow Corn, Hi-Pro Soybean Meal                                               GMO / non-GMO and Organic Certified nongmo@sigmaorganic.com
  • Sigma Fertilizers, Ltd.

                  Commodities: Fish Powder, Fish Emulsion, Fish Soluble          and  Agricultural Grade Urea 46                                     info@sigmafertilizers.com

  • Sigma International Ltd.  (Trading Group)


  • Corporate

    Corporate affairs, Public Relations, Investors information.



Yellow Corn

  Fishmeal Plant

Fish Oil


Urea 46 Agricultural Grade







Non-GMO Soybeans, Yellow Corn, Fishmeal, Fish Oil, Fish Soluble, Organic Feed, Fertilizers and Urea