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Sigma ships in minimum container lots. If you are interested in purchasing in smaller quantities, (a few bags, gallons, etc.) please use the Contact us Form to send your request. We will refer your name to a distributor.

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  • - Fish Powder Fertilizers – Minimum order – 1 x 20 FT Container (16 Metric Tons – approx. 35,264 lbs.)
  • - Kelp and Crab Shell Meal – Can be combined to meet the minimum 1 x 20 FT Container. Depending on mesh/granulation, chip size, Crab and Kelp meal capacity per container load varies from 13 – 15 MT or approximately 28,652 lbs. to 33,000 lbs.
  • - Hydrolyzed Fish Fertilizer – Minimum order – 1 Container (Flexi-tank - Approximately 5,000 gallons)
  • - Fish Soluble Paste – Minimum order – 1 Container (Flexi-tank - Approximately 5,200 gallons)
  • - Fishmeal – Minimum order - 200 MT (10 x 20 FT containers)
  • - Fish Oil – Minimum order - 200 MT (10 x 20 FT containers)
  • - Animal Feed – Product restricted to India and African countries.

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eg: MT then enter 8 if combining 2 products, 16 or multiples of 16 (the capacity of 1- 20 FT container). We will quote the correct quantity based on the product.

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  • FOB - Freight on Board. Shipper delivers to loading port (e.g. FOB Peru Port) Buyer books own shipping services
  • CFR - Cost and Freight. Cost delivered to a port. (e.g. CFR to Houston, TX) - Common for customers that handle imports
  • CFR Plus - Cost and Freight + Delivery to my destination. Cost delivered all the way (e.g. CFR to Oakland, CA. + my destination) - Best choice if you wish seamless door-to-door worry-free service at the lowest cost. We take care of everything.
  • CIF - Cost, Insurance and Freight. Cost insured and delivered to a port. (e.g. CIF Baltimore, MD)

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Fumigation US$ 45 x container Free of Bovine, Porcine and Poultry US$ 350 x shipment Heavy Metals US$ 375 x shipment Veterinary US$ 165 x shipment 

Any others not listed here, please include in Field 24 or 25 - Comments Box.

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