14.- What are the minimum order requirements and do you offer quantity discounts?

Fertilizers – We only ship Full Container Loads (16 MT or approximately 35,264 lbs. for fish powder) and flexi tanks (approximately 5,000 gallons). Minimum order is 1 container. Some powders/meals can be combined to fill up a container (eg:Kelp Meal and Crab Shell)

Note: Depending on mesh/granulation, chip size, Crab and Kelp meal capacity per container load varies from 13 – 15 MT or approximately 28,652 lbs. to 33,000 lbs.

To get the best price, order a few containers. Want even lower prices? We offer monthly/regular shipments on a contract basis.

Fishmeal and Fish Oil – The minimum for both is 200 MT (10 x 20 FT containers) per shipment.