40.- What if I want delivery all the way to my location. Do you ship door-to-door? Any idea of cost?

Yes. Sigma has partnered with leading U.S. logistics companies to offer you seamless and competitively priced freight rates. From handling the container(s) at the arriving port to delivering the container(s) to your destination, returning the empty container(s), to transferring cargo to enclosed vans, or rail or all of the above. The ultimate goal is to offer you the best-in-class service at the lowest price point possible and with the least impact to the environment.

Competitive Rates

The lowest available. For example, shipping rates for our Fish Powder arriving to Long Beach or Oakland, California to locations within the state will range from 0.09 to 0.16 cents x lb. This rate includes ocean shipping and inland trucking all the way from the origin country to your location. All fees included.

Of course rates are subject to change with market conditions so for the latest/best price on your product of interest visit the Product Page and send a Request for Quotation.

No obligation but you owe it to yourself to compare Quality and Price.