RFQ Practice 101

***** Please read all instructions before proceeding with Practice Link in No. 4 below *****

Request for Quotation (RFQ) – This is a non-public page.

Suggestion: For easy access bookmark this page.

To make it easier to follow the instructions from No. 3 forward, Print This Page

1.- Go to www.SigmaFertilizers.com and review the following Pages (under the Products Tab)

Fish Powder
Hydrolyzed Fish
Fish Soluble
Proprietary Fish Powder Formulation

The following are found in the Footer of this page.

Shipping Terms – Information useful when talking to customers. CFR? What does it mean?
Certificates/Documents/MSDS – Good information to know. Shows certificates that will be issued on all shipments. Look for Quality & Analysis, Fumigation, Weight and Origin. These are the more common ones.
MSDS Sheets – Found at the end of each product page or in the Certificates/Documents/MSDS link in the footer of the Main Page.

2.- Go to the FAQ page and study all the questions. Most answers to questions from your customers will be found there.

3.- Register – If you do not wish to use your regular e-mail, Create a “new” e-mail in Yahoo, Gmail or your favorite free mail provider. Go to Sigma’s Main page and click on the Tab that reads LOGIN & REG and Register. Once you have completed registering, Log Off. This is important. Why? Because in the next step, you will log into a “training RFQ” link.

4.- Practice the RFQ by going to the following link  PRACTICE REQUEST FOR QUOTATION

(a) Click on the Box that reads “Request a Quotation” Orange box below Animal Nutrition. No need to enter a number in the box below Animal Nutrition. Product and Quantity will be entered in No. 11 and No. 12.
(b) Scroll down to Returning customer? Click here to login – Log In with your new created login and password.
(c) Forgot your password? Click on the link and a reset link will be sent to you.
(d) Once logged in, fill out the form. Please use your real First and Last Name so we know who is sending the Practice RFQ.
(e) Question 11 – Pick Fish Powder
(e) Question 12 is a challenging one. After picking Fish powder on Q11, Click here for minimum order requirements. As you will see, products have different minimum shipment requirements. Bags on pallets option not included here. If customer requires bags on pallets, enter “Please quote on pallets” in the comments box Q24 at the end of the RFQ.

In all cases, we will quote the appropriate QTY for the product requested. On pallets or loose bags.

(f) Question 17 – Shipping Terms – Hopefully you have read the Shipping Terms page. Some large customers that usually import materials are familiar with the steps to import products into the U.S. and may also have established discount rates with trucking companies and have their own Customs Brokers. In this case, they will request a CFR Quotation.

Very rarely will a customer request a FOB quotation. This are usually very large companies that have their own operations at loading ports or do many imports and have very good shipping rates already established. Before we quote FOB, customer has to provide us with their shipping broker information at the loading port (ie: Mangalore, Callao, Valparaiso, etc.). This is to check their loading requirements, cut-off days to deliver containers prior to vessel arrival, etc.

For all others that want door-to-door click CFR Plus. Note that when you click CFR Plus, Q19 expands to allow fields for delivery address. Q18 is optional on CFR Plus but not on CFR as we need to know the discharge port.

(g) Required fields are marked with an *. You can also find out what fields are required by clicking on the Submit Tab when form is still blank.
(h) Question 20 – Certificates – Click the “View Certificates included and optional” link. If additional ones needed, check it. To practice, check at least 1.

(I) Question 23 – Taxable or not – Self explanatory. If shipment outside the State of California, make sure to check the box.

Continue filling out the RFQ, accept the terms and Click “SUBMIT QUOTE REQUEST”. Wait until you get the RFQ Number before you Log out.

Within 24 hours we will reply with a “proposal”. If this was a real RFQ, we will get back to your customer as soon as we have confirmed product availability, price and freight rate. It may take be a few days to a week. In any case you will receive a notification when proposal is sent. The expiration date on the proposal will be between 3 – 7 days depending on market conditions and volatility of shipping rates.

Proposal Expiration Date: Once proposal expires, the link to Accept Proposal automatically becomes invalid. If your customer wants to order after the expiration date he/she can do the following: (a) Fill out a new RFQ or (b) e-mail Sigma via the Contact US form or you can e-mail us requesting to re-activate the Proposal. We will review pricing and re-send the Proposal with new pricing if prices have changed. Customer has to be ready to make an immediate decision once the Proposal reaches his/her mailbox. Read To Start Negotiations below.

To start negotiations, we will give you a ball park estimate of the product, an idea of ocean freight rate and trucking costs for their consideration but subject to final confirmation. If acceptable then customer has to Request a Quotation for Sigma to send a formal Proposal. Explain the expiration period. As a courtesy, the RFQ program will automatically send a reminder 24 hours prior to the expiration period.

Sigma does not mark-up for services  – Explain to your customers that we do not mark up shipping rates, certificates, Customs fees or trucking rates. We need to book the freight within the time allowed by the shipping line or the space is given away, rates may change or both.


Check your e-mail for a Proposal. Open the e-mail, review it and for training purposes, Accept the Proposal. Within 24 hours, you will receive a confirmation of your acceptance, payment instructions and then notification when order is shipped and B/L and certificates are loaded.

For training purposes we will do this in a few hours. In real time, it will take several weeks. Why? Because we have to book the space with the shipping company, wait for shipping line to deliver the containers to the factory, load and  deliver the containers to the shipping port, etc.

The customer’s file will be updated as actions take place. (shipment, issuance of B/L, issuance of certificates, etc.) B/L is usually issued 2 – 3 days after containers are loaded on board. The final certificates are issued within 2 – 3 weeks from loading date.

Coyote Logistics will be notified upon B/L issuance so they can input the data (container numbers, ETA, weight, number of bags, etc.) into their system and schedule pick up at the port. Customers will be able to track their shipment seamlessly. Customer will receive a telephone call at least 1 day before delivery to make sure they are ready to receive and unload cargo. Trucking company allows 2 free hours to unload cargo.

Sales rep will be notified of incoming cargo so he/she will also inform customer to be ready.

Review this page often as changes will be made as suggestions are received.