Markets – Pluses and Challenges

Target Markets

  • Bulk Buyers – We only ship by container loads. Typical loads for Fish Powder (16 MT – 35,264 lbs. / 320 x 50 Kg. bags) Fish Soluble Paste or Liquid Fish (4,500 to 5,000 gallons depending on weight)
  • Customers
  • Fertilizer and Agricultural Distributors
  • Large Farms, Vineyards, Cultivators, Nurseries and Greenhouse Growers
  • Hardware & DIY Stores / Home Improvement / Garden Centers
  • Feed & Seed Stores
  • Large Municipalities and Golf Courses (in some areas, chemical fertilizers are being banned due to high nitrogen content that destroys ecosystems and encourages algae growth) Our Fish Powder and Fish Soluble and Liquids are excellent replacements.


**NEW PRODUCT** –  Coco Peat – It is a growing medium that may one day replace peat moss. Nurseries, cultivators and growers are perfect market targets for this product. More details here. Coco Coir


  1. Quality Products – All shipments include Quality, Analysis and Weight Certificates. Available at nominal cost: Veterinary, Heavy Metals, Pesticides, Non-Radiation and BSE Free (Mad Cow) Certificates.
  2. Registrations / Certifications – U.S.D.A., California Department of Foods and Agriculture and have started the process with OMRI and NOP.
  3. New products under development – For specific crops and fruits.
  4. Custom Formulations – We can customize formulations for specific crops or stages of growth.
  5. Flexible Packaging – We can pack from 2 lbs. up to 50 lbs. and 1 Quart to 1 Gallon for retail sales.
  6. Private Label – Available with minimum order commitment.
  7. Factory Direct – No intermediaries.
  8. Competitive prices – We offer premium products competitively priced.
  9. Better Pricing with Contracts – A good opportunity to sign up customers for scheduled shipments at lower prices.
  10. Experience – Company and Senior Managers have been involved in this industry for over 25 years. Multi-family and employee owned company. Second generation of employees already working for the various companies.
  11. Environmentally Sound – Our products are made with 3” – 6” long fish that renews quickly (less than a year) and are abundant in most oceans of the world. (anchovies and sardines)
  12. Environmentally Friendly – Several ingredients for some of our fertilizers are also derived from waste streams of fish suppliers, shell fish processors (crab and shrimp), and peanut oil manufacturers (peanut shells). Most food waste is discarded in landfills but we have succeeded in collecting and blending it into marketable, effective and competitively priced natural fertilizers.
  13. More Environmentally Friendly – Our Coco coir products are the next best thing regarding growing mediums. Peat Moss has for decades been the product of choice for green houses and growers to start plants. A bog (wetlands) where peat moss is mined however takes hundreds of years to recover. Coco coir / coco peat is a byproduct of the coconut industry. A waste product until about 20 years ago but not very popular in the U.S. as plenty of peat moss from Canada and Ireland is available. But that is slowly changing.
  14. Door-to-Door shipments – We have partnered with Coyote Logistics ( a UPS subsidiary to offer seamless door-to-door best in class shipping at the most competitive rates.



      1. Shipments in container loads only – Best way to keep prices low and ship the freshest product. Approximately 30 days old or less when shipped. One solution we found with customers in small countries is that a few farmers got together and split the cargo. A win-win for everybody.
      2. Seasonal – Fishing seasons vary by country of origin and sometimes the catch is unpredictable.
      3. Price Fluctuations – Fish is a commodity and as such prices react to world demand and fishing conditions. Our prices are very competitive during the peak season and not as competitive at other times. Stocking time is when fishing is at its peak. Best way to stay informed is to sign-up for the Sigma Newsletter
      4. Long lead time – 5 to 6 weeks to receive first order. Main reason is that we may have to register your new customer with the U.S.D.A. as an added direct importer. Overcome an objection by planning ahead. Refer to No. 9 above in Pluses.
      5. All orders require prepayments or L/C – We will accept Letters of Credit if order value is over $ 200,000. Main reason is that banking costs are high. All banks have minimum charges for their services that can easily run into several thousand dollars per Letter of Credit.  On an order valued at $ 200,000 or higher, we can spread this cost without reducing our margin by much or your commissions.
      6. Not Familiar with Sigma or our products – Our website is a good start to find out more about our company. The Documents and Certificates section in our website shows many documents for previous shipments dating back at least 10 – 15 years. Documents show shipments from as low as 1 container to bulk shipments equivalent to 150 containers or more per shipment.
      7. Quality – How can Sigma guarantee the quality of the product that I want to order? This is an easy question. All of our shipments are verified by third parties and included in the price. FAQ Question No. 9. Link at the bottom of this page.
      8. Believe or distrust that Sigma may be a foreign company or no experience – Sigma Marine is a California based company with international locations. Our parent company has been in the fishing business and production of fishmeal/powder and fish oil for over 25 years. Sigma Marine Managing Partners have lived in California for over 40 years.