Fish Powder Fertilizer

Sigma Natural Fish Powder Fertilizer

N – P – K      6 – 1 – 0.5

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Sigma fish powder is made from fresh whole wild-caught ocean fish species which include sardines, anchovies, ribbon fish, and mackerel.

Anchovies and sardines are the preferable fish to extract fish oil as both are very oily fish and loaded with beneficial fatty acids (EPA/DHA).

Fish oil derived from sardines and anchovies are the top two raw materials used in pharmaceutical-grade Omega-3 Fish Oil softgels that millions of people take every day. Since sardines and anchovies are short-lived and at the bottom of the aquatic food chain, feeding solely on plankton, and therefore do not concentrate heavy metals, such as mercury and contaminants as do some other larger fish, sardines and anchovies are healthier.

Sigma fish powder is naturally sundried; no chemicals are used to preserve it. Sigma Fish powder has an excellent balance of macro and micronutrients. Sardines and anchovies contain 18 nutrients, vitamins (A, B complex, C, D, E), various Minerals (iron, calcium, selenium, magnesium, phosphorous and potassium), 60 trace minerals, and 16 amino-acids.

Proteins are in chelated form and are resistant to loss from leaching. This is because fish powder nutrients remain in root zone. Nitrogen needs to remain in root zone and should be available to plants over a longer period of time. This is not the case with inorganic fertilizers, which are more prone to leaching (dissolving and washing away).

Fish fertilizers contain significant quantities of protein which are an important source of balanced nitrogen, as well as a healthy balance of all 18 nutrients known to be significant for crop growth. Fish fertilizers provide balanced, moderate amounts of nitrogen and all of the other essential nutrients, plus many more trace minerals not found in chemical fertilizers. This balance helps to provide the full spectrum fertility without excess of nitrogen and reduces problems with pests and diseases, while supplying the required and essential fertility boost, increased plant growth, and vigor. Fish powder stimulates the biological activities of the soil.

Pure 100% fish powder is rich and smells fishy. If it does not smell fishy, then the amount of fish in the product is minimal and will not yield the same results.

Fishmeal and Fish powder look the same but are not the same.

100% Fishmeal
100% Sigma Fish Powder

Some companies sell fishmeal as organic fertilizers claim that to make 1 lb. of fishmeal it takes 5 times the amount of raw materials (fish) to yield 1 lb. of fishmeal. It sounds as if the product is concentrated but it is not.

Fishmeal is made by reduction of fish from its fresh state to meal/powder. So while the statement is correct, they fail to state that the raw materials go through the regular process of fishmeal manufacturing which includes the following:

(a) Fish or trimmings are chopped up, cooked, squeezed, and dried at high temperatures (over  150⁰ F). In the process, the product is denatured. The oils and collagen (to make supplements, cosmetics and paint) and stick water (fish liquid to make fish soluble) are removed.

(b) The end product is fishmeal used in the animal feed industry and also sold as fish fertilizer.
(We have experience making fishmeal. Please Click here our company’s background)

(c) An antioxidant (a synthetic chemical), is included in all fishmeal manufactured. This is required in order to stabilize the fat content.

Sigma fish powder is manufactured differently. Fish is sun dried and milled to 5 mm mesh powder. No beneficial oils, collagen or lipids are removed. The whole fish is utilized. Antioxidants are never added to the product.

Sigma Powder Fish Fertilizers are manufactured in state of the art equipment to assure proper ratios and a homogenous quality end product.


Sigma Marine Other Fish Powder Fertilizers a.k.a. Fishmeal
Made with whole industrial fish Made with fish and trimmings
Naturally sun dried Chopped, heated, cooked, and dried at high temperatures
No fish oil or collagen removed (Omega-3 oil content) Oils and collagen removed
No proteins removed Protein meal removed for animal feed
Key components such as growth hormones, amino-acids, vitamins, enzymes and proteins are left intact Components sometimes destroyed by heat
No detectable heavy metals Unknown
Does not include antioxidant Includes chemical antioxidant

N – P – K   6 – 1 – 0.5

Average Composition Typical
Protein 40 –  50% 45%
Nitrogen 6 – 8% 6%
Phosphorus 1 – 3% 1%
Potassium 0.5 – 2% 0.5%
Oil 7 – 10% 7%
Moisture 10 – 13% 12%
Salt (as NaCL) 2 –  5% 5%
Sand 1 – 10% 6%
Salmonella negative

STANDARD PACKING: 50 Kg. Polypropylene bags. Options include 25 lb. and 50 lb. bags. Other sizes for retail sales available upon request.
PRODUCT CODES: No. 1650 – 50 Kg. / No. 1425 – 25 lbs. /  No. 1450 – 50 lbs.
BRAND: Sigma-Marine
MINIMUM ORDER: 1 x 20 FT container. Approx. 16 MT (@ 35,200 lbs.) Approx. 12 – 13  MT (28,652 lbs. on pallets)

Tomato As way of background, our parent company and company founders have been involved in the fishing industry in South America for over 25 years.

Our activities during the past quarter century include trading fishmeal, frozen fish, Omega-3 fish oil (animal feed and pharmaceutical grade) manufacturing fishmeal, shark liver oil, and fine shark cartilage powder for natural health supplements and as a key raw material for manufacturing chondroitin sulfate.

Our experience is deep and our knowledge of fish and the handling of fish for the food and feed industry is well-known.

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