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23.- What do you know about the markets where our products are sold?*

24.- Do you sell fertilizers, soil amendments or complimentary products similar to our product line?*

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30.- When we send a request for information to you, what kind of response time should we expect from you? Even if you don’t have feedback yet, would you send e-mail with status?*

31.- How do you manage leads?*

32.- In what trade shows do you participate? Would those trade shows be good for our products, and what are your expectations of us regarding trade shows?*

33.- Which publications should we consider to advertise our products in and why?*

34.- What kind of training would you expect from us?*

35.- What are your expectations of us?*

36.-How do you define a successful rep/principal relationship?*

37.- How do you/your sales people feel about our product line?*

38.- What product(s) do you think we need to add to our products offering and why?*

39.- What would cause an agent to lose interest in a line?*

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