Peru – International Exhibition – 1981

The 1980s was a period of growth in South America. Peru, Chile, Argentina, and Brazil had the most potential. Our extensive and exclusive lines of commercial and industrial products allowed us to serve multiple industries. (Mining, Petroleum, Fishing, and Commercial Construction) with little competition at the time. China and Korea were not yet a concern.

Every November, Peru held a large Product Fair in Lima, its capital. Manufacturers from countries around the world exhibited their latest products. The target customers were builders, industrial companies, distributors, etc. from all of South America.

The year 1981 was its 12th year. Sensing an opportunity, we decided to embark on our first international trade show. It paid off for several years until cheap competition from China started to come in followed by So. Korea. Back then even So. Korea produced cheap items.

10 days – Approximately 200,000 people attended. The only exhibit of this size in South America at the time
Our Booth was located in Pavilion No. 1

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From door bells, bathroom exhaust fans, ceiling fans, garbage disposers, thermostats, heaters, bug zappers, smoke detectors to industrial components that included bearings, pulleys, hydraulic fittings and hoses, timing chains, industrial motors, material handling equipment, lubricants and lubrication equipment, etc.