Distributors –

We are looking for distributors in the U.S., Canada and Mexico.

Do you have packing and bottling capabilities? – Then our bulk packing is perfect for you.

Don’t want to bother repacking? – No problem. We pack in standard 50 Kg. Bags. Optional 25 lb. and 50 lb. bags. Need smaller size bags? Just ask. We are very flexible.

Are you interested in private label? – Let us know. We will be glad to work up a proposal for you.

Concerned about quality? – We are an American Company with customers in Japan since 1985 that expect nothing but the highest quality and purity. We have obtained import permits for several of our health food supplements (omega-3 fish oil, shark cartilage, Co Q10) to Japan, one of the toughest and slowest countries to qualify for an import permit. We apply the same critical control points during fishing/harvesting raw materials, handling, processing, manufacturing, packaging and shipping of all of our products.

Société Générale de Surveillance S.A.

(SGS) sgs.com a Swiss world leader inspection company continuously monitors production, packing, and stuffing of containers. SGS inspectors also take samples of the material prior to sealing the containers. Samples are taken to their laboratories for analysis and issuance of certificates. (A sampling of certificates can be found here)

All shipments include Certificates of Quality and Analysis, Weight, Sanitary and Origin. Other certificates available for a nominal fee include Veterinary, 100% Free Bovine, Porcine and Poultry, Heavy Metals and BSE Free (Mad Cow).

Now you have another choice, the quality you are familiar with at competitive prices direct from factory.

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