Loading Bulk Vessels – Fishmeal and Audit Confirmation

Non-stop 24 x 7 operation. Fishmeal is a high protein key ingredient in animal feed.

Three by-products:

  • Fish oil used in industrial and pharmaceutical applications (Omega-3)
  • Fish Soluble used in feed and as fertilizer and
  • Fish Emulsion used as an organic fertilizer.

Audit Confirmation by Deloitte CPAs

We seldom sold to China because our main market was Russia and Europe but from time to time we would flip our position on a stock of fishmeal. In this case (2003) it was approximately 6,500 MT worth US$ 4.1 million as audited by Deloitte Touche one of the top 4 world CPA firms. 
My first direct sale. Cargo bound to South Africa. 1995
Cargo destined to Russia via Klaipeda, Lithuania2000
Value of Cargo about US$ 17 million
Trucks waiting to lineup next to vessel
More trucks loaded with fishmeal bags.
Sometimes the line was a mile long.