Kuwait Invasion – U.S. Department of Commerce – Our Small Participation

The U.S. Department of Commerce was instrumental for our company to expand internationally. Thru its embassies worldwide, we were able to meet potential candidates and establish distributors in Asia and Europe.

When Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait it created destruction, misery, and oil well fires. Sticky smoke that gummed up everything including filters.

We had some experience with a similar situation in Puerto Rico (burning of sugar cane). The intake air at a U.S. Surgical Supply facility had to be filtered in order to eliminate the smoke and sticky particles from nearby sugar cane burning. We replaced the standard pre-filters with a series of coarse/medium/finer filtration to remove the gunk before reaching the expensive H.E.P.A. filters and added odor/fume filters to reduce the burnt smell. Excellent sales but short lived. The fires were extinguished, and sales of new equipment dried up a year later. The replacement filter business however was exceptionally good and continued for several years.