Kelp Meal

N – P – K     1 – 0.1 – 2
Kelp Meal 1 Sigma Kelp Meal is made of dried and milled seaweed. Kelp Meal is an excellent source of micronutrients and beneficial plant growth promoters. Kelp meal is a very high-quality natural fertilizer. It is a good source of nitrogen and potassium. It also contains minerals, amino acids, and trace amounts of other micronutrients.

Kelp meal is seaweed, specifically Ascophyllum nodosum (also known as rockweed, Norwegian kelp, knotted kelp) and laminara brown algae.

Kelp meal contains over 60 naturally-chelated minerals and essential elements that the fast-growing sea plant absorbs from nutrient-rich waters of the north-western coast of Europe including East Greenland, North Atlantic Ocean, and others cold water oceans.

When added to all soils, kelp meal will enhance plant nutrition, improve overall plant vigor, and encourage tolerance to crop stresses such as insect pests, disease, frost, and drought.

Managing the fertility of agricultural soils is an everyday challenge facing farmers all around. In many areas, heavy farming practices have diminished rich and productive agricultural land into soil with poor physical structure and nutritional deficiencies. Low fertility levels in depleted soils have limited potential for producing quality crops.

Nourishing healthy soil requires good management practices to improve the soil’s physical, biological, and chemical characteristics. Today’s successful farmers can do so by using the natural soil additives of all of Sigma Marine Fertilizers. Sigma Kelp Meal is one key component of soil nutrition.

Sigma Kelp Meal

  • Is an excellent complement to fish powder
  • Contains a wide range of naturally occurring plant nutrients and trace minerals essential to plant growth, health, and productivity
  • Features naturally occurring trace minerals that are naturally chelated
  • Acts as a nutritional supplement which releases its nutrients as it breaks down
  • Is an excellent source of organic matter composed primarily of carbohydrates, such as alginate and mannitol

Organic matter in the soil and associated soil microflora, bacteria, and fungi, play an important role in soil fertility by making nutrients available for plant uptake. Kelp Meal acts as a soil conditioner by stimulating microbial activity.

STANDARD PACKING: 25 lb. / 50 lb. bags
MINIMUM ORDER: 1 x 20’ Containers (Approx. 16 MT – (@35,200 lb.)
BRAND: Sigma-Marine
PRODUCT CODES: No. 3525 – 25 lbs.    No. 3550 – 50 lbs.
Kelp Meal 2

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