Fishmeal – Purchase Order Draft

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Irrevocable Purchase Order

TO:    Mr. J.C. Jordan – Managing Partner

Sigma Marine Products, Ltd.


I/We ______your company name here___________ irrevocably confirm our readiness to purchase the following lot of fishmeal as per the following specifications and conditions.

BUYER:                                              ________________________



PRODUCT:                                       Fishmeal


SPECIFICATIONS:                          Protein: 60% min/Fat: 12% max. /Moisture: 10% max

Salt 2% max. Sand/silica 2% max. Ash 22% max. TVN 150mg/100g max.


ORIGIN:                                            _________


PORT OF DISCHARGE:                 _____________, _________


QUANTITY:                                     ___ MT +/- 5% at seller’s option


PACKING:                                        50 KG NEW BAGS. GROSS/NET


UNIT PRICE / MT:                         US$ __________________


FOB VALUE:                                    US$ ___________________


FREIGHT VALUE:                           US$ ___________________


TOTAL CFR ________ PORT:        US$ xxxxx (Two hundred seventy thousand and no/cents U.S. Dollars)


PAYMENT:                                       At sight, irrevocable, confirmed, transferable L/C as per Incoterms 2010 in force.


Number of L/C’s:                            Two (2). First L/C for 100 MT will be issued as soon as possible but not to exceed 2 weeks. Second L/C for 100 MT will be issued upon delivery of first shipment containers to loading port.



Certificates/ Documents:              1. Bill of Lading

  1. Invoice
  2. Packing List
  3. Certificate of Analysis (indicating Manufacturing date, Expiring date and Batch number)
  4. Non Radioactivity Certificate
  5. Health Certificate
  6. Certificate of Origin
  7. Fumigation certificate


I understand this contract is for 200 MT and that seller is allowing my request to issue two (2) Letters of Credit instead of one with partial shipments.


I also understand that time is of the essence and that price and available stocks are subject to change/sold until contract is signed.



For — your company name—–

XXXXXXXXX  / –title–


Date: _______________, 2017

Non-GMO Soybeans, Yellow Corn, Fishmeal, Fish Oil, Fish Soluble, Organic Feed, Fertilizers and Urea