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Liqui-Fish –  Is a semi-viscous liquid with acceptable fishy odor. Loaded with micro and macro minerals and amino acids. Sigma Liqui-Fish organic fertilizer additive provides a rich source of nutrients that slowly break down and releases nitrogen into the soil.

Liqui-Fish has been designed for use in conjunction with you current fertilizer program. This all-natural product is run through a 100-mesh screen to make sure it will not clog your sprayer and will spread evenly during application.

Liqui-Fish fertilizer effectively increases yield, stand strength, enhanced root growth, seed germination and beneficial microbial population without harming the environment.

Liqui-Fish fertilizer can be used for any type of plant, from fruits and vegetables, to nurseries and greenhouses.

Fish Soluble is also an important raw material in aqua feed and other feed materials. 


Storage Tanks
Parameters Typical Range
Protein % min 40  35-45
Moisture % max 45  40 – 55
Nitrogen % min  3
Phosphoric acid (P205) % min  1
Soluble potash (K20) % min  1
 TVBN – Total Volatile Nitrogen mg max  550 500 – 1000
 pH  5  4 – 6
Packing: Drums and Flexi-bags In 20′ Containers
Antioxidant ppm min per customer requirements  per customer requirements

Packing: Flexi-tank in containers and 200 liter steel drums.
Country of Origin: India and Ecuador.

Product Code: No. 4175
Minimum Order:  2 Containers  (In flexi-bags approximately 10,000 gallons. In drums 32 MT)



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