Fish Oil

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Fish Oil 1 Fish oil is 100% marine oil and has a high content of very essential Omega-3 fatty acids. It is a product obtained through cooking, pressing, centrifugation, separation, and polishing processes. Its raw material is whole wild-harvested fish (anchovies, sardines, mackerel, and other industrial fish).

Fish oil is mainly used for the production of feed for farmed fish and the production of refined fish oil for human consumption.

Fish oil is also used to improve the nutritional integrity of aquaculture, livestock, and companion animal feed. Omega-3 fatty acids may provide a number of health and performance benefits. These essential nutrients improve immune response, support reproductive function, and reduce inflammation to improve overall health and performance.

Storage Tanks

Fish Oil 3
Parameters Aqua / Feed Pharma
FFA % max 3 – 5 3
Moisture & Impurities % max 1 1
Unsaponifiable Matter % max 2.5 2.5
Iodine Value hanus min/max 140-200 160-200
Color Gardner Gardner max 15 15
EPA + DHA (Omega) % min 23 – 26 28
Anisidine % max 25
Peroxide Value (meg/kg) max 5 a 10 5 a 7
Totox max 35 30

Fish Oil 2 Our fish oil and fishmeal form an essential part of the food chain in the preparation of the demanding diets of salmon and other species bred in different parts of Europe and Asia.

Our company complies with the requirement of the European Community. Thanks to strict compliance of the norms established by each country, we sell to multiple countries around world.

Country of Origin: Peru, Chile, India and Morocco.
Minimum Order: 200 MT (10 x 20 FT containers)
Fish Oil 4

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