Crab Shell

N – P – K   2 – 3 – 0

Crab Shell 2 Sigma Crab Shell is an excellent dry natural source of nutrients, including Calcium (23%) and Magnesium (1.33%). It is a great fertilizer with extra benefits not found in other fertilizer products.

It retains moisture in the soil and builds the organic matter. It helps to create a deeper root system. Crab Shell is high in chitin, which promotes the growth of chitin eating bacteria in the soil. It will help eliminate ants, grubs, fungus and root nematodes. When added to the soil, crab shell helps to create a hostile environment for fungus and root-destroying nematodes by feeding the biological life that eats chitin and chitin based organisms.

The chitin in the crab shell stimulates soil organisms to secrete enzymes called chitinases. These enzymes degrade chitin, which is a component of flea egg shells. The presence of chitin in the fertilizer makes it a natural bio-pesticide that is non-toxic to birds, animals, fish, and plants.

STANDARD PACKING: 25 lb. / 50 lb. bags
BRAND Sigma-Marine
PRODUCT CODES: No. 5525 – 25 lbs. / No. 5550 – 50 lbs.
MINIMUM ORDER: 2 x 20 FT Container (Approx. 26 to 36 MT depending on mesh)
Cylla Serrate

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