Contact Information

Sigma Marine Products Ltd. (U.S.)

Confidential – For internal use only

Sigma Office:   Telephone – 530-558-4004

Fax – 530-672-6442

J.C. Jordan: 415-697-9680 cell /

Fields of Expertise: Fishing, fishmeal, fish oil, fertilizers, feed ingredients.

Duties: Sales, Marketing and Training

Mario Mol: 530-@@@–### Cell

Fields of Expertise: Agricultural commodities, fertilizers

Duties: Administration and Support

Anuja & Abhishek Bhattacharya:  (India)

Fields of Expertise: Fertilizers, fish liquid, fish soluble, fishmeal and engineering.

Duties: All work related to manufacturing, quality control, packaging, formulations, etc.

Ricardo Leon: (Peru)

Fields of Expertise: Analytical and Lab services.

Praveen Kamalan: (India)

Webmaster and internet related issues.