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Sigma Liqui-Fish –  Is a semi-viscous liquid with acceptable fishy odor. It is made of concentrated fish emulsion. Loaded with micro and macro minerals and amino acids. Sigma Liqui-Fish organic fertilizer additive provides a rich source of nutrients that slowly break down and releases nitrogen into the soil.

Sigma Liqui-Fish has been designed for use in conjunction with you current fertilizer program. This all-natural product is run through a 100-mesh screen to make sure it will not clog your sprayer and will spread evenly during application.

Sigma Liqui-Fish fertilizer effectively increases yield, stand strength, enhanced root growth, seed germination and beneficial microbial population without harming the environment.

Sigma Liqui-Fish fertilizer can be used for any type of plant, from fruits and vegetables, to nurseries and greenhouses.

Storage Tanks




Parameters Typical Range
Protein % min 40  38-45
Moisture % max 45  40 – 50
Nitrogen % min  3
Phosphoric acid (P205) % min  1
Soluble potash (K20) % min  1
 TVBN – Total Volatile Nitrogen mg max  350  330 – 370
 pH  5  4 – 6
Packing in Flexitanks Bulk In 20′ Containers
Antioxidant ppm min per customer requirements  per customer requirements


Packing: Flexitank in containers. Other options available. Please use the Contact Us Form at the bottom of this page with your request.
Country of Origin: India and Ecuador.

Product Code: No. 4175
Minimum Order:  1 Container  (Approximately 5,200 gallons)

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